Friday, November 12, 2010

THE SWEET SURRENDER: 1st EVER Dessert Expo in the Metro

For tickets, contact Stephanie So at 0917.518.5188 and

Click here for event Details  The Sweet Surrender Dessert Expo


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adodong Manok

How to Cook Adobo?

1. Kill the chicken
2. Dress the chicken
3. Chop to small pieces
4. Boiled and wait until tender just add some seasoning MSG and Soy Sauce
5. Drain and Separate the meat

Part 2

1. Prepare 1 cloves of Garlic 
2. Chop 2 small onions
3. Salute to the a Fan
4. Add the Chicken Meat , pepper

5. Lastly add the Drain chicken stock
6. Wait until it merely dry and oily

 Nyahaha Hope You Enjoy It Kain na

The Finish Adobo



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